Fashion in the City Where the Heat Is On

As Art Basel Miami Beach and the larger Miami Art Week have evolved over two decades, the hordes who come to see art have become more conscious about the clothes they are seen in.

This month during the events, the sidewalks came alive with prints, colors and other sartorial flourishes. But there were fewer peacocks than during fashion weeks. Most people didn’t stroll back and forth or pretend to talk on their phones — typical signals of seeking a photographer’s attention.

Closer to the beach, the style outside was what you’d expect: crisp white sneakers, relaxed shorts, loose linens. Across the Biscayne Bay, in areas like Wynwood, Edgewater and the Miami Design District, outfits were more eclectic and personal. More than one artist said they were in clothes that they had designed.

Patterned flats, left, and strappy sandals gave their looks oomph.
A striking mix of braids, curls, pearls and shells.

Front-pocket cargo pants anchored this mossy green outfit.CreditCredit…

They stood out for blending in with each other.
The pants looked even more chocolatey the way they melted into the floor.

Her zigzagging top evoked the skyline in the distance.

They channeled a modern “American Gothic.” (Just imagine a pitchfork in place of the fuzzy tote.)
Hefty accessories, like the handbag and their shoes, tone down the softness of linen.
When that bucket hat entered the room, it became hard to notice anything else.
Pops of color amplified her natural radiance.
There was a swing in their shirts and a pep in their step.
Why focus on one great skirt when you can photograph three?

A look that was about faces.CreditCredit…

Seeing that tower of pink curls was like having a sugar rush.
As was spotting that candy-floss coat.
They looked equal parts sporty and posh.
The shirt’s print recalled speckles of paint.
Curls helped coordinate their mishmash of patterns.

His crown was homemade and he wore it better than most royals.CreditCredit…

Some vibrant florals with hair to match.
All the pockets took that denim to new dimensions.
Simple clothes kept the focus on his smoky frames.
Both exemplified how to wear black near the beach.

The best part of this free-flowing look was watching it move.CreditCredit…

’Tis the season for winter whites.

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