Pamela Anderson Still Isn’t Wearing Makeup

Pamela Anderson has done some “life-ing” as she calls it. No longer strictly an object of adolescent fantasies, she has become a seasoned version of the girl next door — albeit with a lot more oomph.

“I’m enjoying the process of getting older,” Ms. Anderson, 56, said on a video call late last week. “The things that are happening to my face — a little elasticity is leaving — I’m finding humor in that.” She continued: “I feel sexier now that I have some secrets and some mystery. We don’t learn that until later in our lives.”

The call was about her new campaign for Re/Done, a denim brand that practices sustainability through processes like upcycling. Its imagery, released on Monday, shows Ms. Anderson grinning and tossing her sun-bleached waves in items including bespangled miniskirts, boot-cut jeans, baby tees and denim jackets. She described the pieces, priced from $175 to $595, as “clothes that in the ’90s I would have worn to the grocery store.”

The youthful attire in the “Re/Done & Pam” campaign, Ms. Anderson said, is “attached to a lot of great memories of my golden years.” But there is not much in the imagery to suggest C.J. Parker, her pneumatically contoured character in “Baywatch,” gamboling in a red swimsuit on the beach.

Ms. Anderson wanted the imagery to be “authentic,” she said, which meant “no makeup.”Credit…Re/Done
The campaign is among the efforts the actress has made to reclaim her personal brand.Credit…Re/Done

For the campaign Ms. Anderson insisted the concept be on her terms — or “authentic,” as she said in her breezy, soft-spoken way, “and with a lot more meaning than a cash grab, or just putting a face to a brand.”

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