New Hair Style

New Hair Style

There are many different short hairstyles women 2023. Here are some popular women short hairstyles:

Bob cutting: Bob cutting consists of short hair that ends at the jaw level or under the jaw. It can be preferred as flat or floors.

Pixie haircut 2023: Pixie cut consists of hair with a short and slightly scattered appearance. Usually it is cut short from the back of the neck and makes the facial features clear.

Asymmetrical cut: Asymmetric cut is a part of which one side of the hair is longer than the other. It provides a brave and modern look.

Short -haired bob: Short -haired bob cut is similar to the classic bob cut, but a shorter version. It is usually cut at the nape level or shorter.

Small wavy hair: Giving short hair a small wavy appearance creates a soft and feminine style. This appearance can be obtained with small tongs or hair straighteners.

High bun: Making a high bun with short hair creates a stylish and cool style. This appearance can be obtained by scanning the hair up from the root and making a tight bun.

Sidecut: Sidecut is a style in which one side of the hair is completely or partially shaved. It provides an extraordinary and bold look.

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