Trump’s Warning of a ‘Blood Bath’ if He Loses

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Former President Donald J. Trump at a rally for Bernie Moreno, his preferred candidate in Ohio’s Republican Senate primary race, in Vandalia, Ohio, on Saturday.Credit…Maddie McGarvey for The New York Times

To the Editor:

Re “Trump Says Some Migrants Are ‘Not People’ and Predicts a ‘Blood Bath’ if He Loses” (, March 16):

In a campaign speech in Ohio on Saturday, former President Donald Trump said that if he didn’t get elected, “it’s going to be a blood bath for the country.”

His warning was not a prediction. This was a brazen threat: If the election disappoints Mr. Trump and his followers, they will revolt. Mr. Trump might be increasingly inarticulate, but the peril is clear in his own words.

In Trump v. Anderson, the Supreme Court recently dodged the question of whether Mr. Trump’s behavior before and on Jan. 6, 2021, made him an insurrectionist within the meaning of the 14th Amendment. After Saturday’s speech, further evasion will be unconscionable. Mr. Trump’s use of the phrase “blood bath” was not exaggeration for effect or bombast. It was simple menace, a direct step toward sedition. American democracy’s future is at stake.

Mr. Trump has effectively secured a major party’s nomination for president. It will soon be up to the voters to recognize the risk and prevent a reign of terror. The whole world is watching.

Steven S. Berizzi
Norwalk, Conn.

To the Editor:

I will not be threatened. The threat by Donald Trump that if he is not elected, “it’s going to be a blood bath” demonstrates definitively, undeniably and unequivocally that he is not fit to be president of the United States.

That The New York Times failed to make this threat its lead story does a grave disservice to our nation.

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