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Women Health

Melatonin, secreted by the pineal gland or pineal gland, located in the middle region of the brain and located between both hemispheres, is a hormone that regulates the sleep cycle and the body’s biological clock, which is defined as the circadian rhythm. The hormone, which is produced at a low level by the bone marrow, retina, skin and white blood cells, as well as the stomach and intestines, which are organs of the digestive system, begins to be synthesized with the darkening of the air. In addition to regulating sleep rhythm, melatonin plays an important role in biological and physiological processes such as strengthening the immune system, regulating body temperature and cell regeneration.

Does melatonin expire is the most powerful antioxidant known because it has the ability to dissolve in lipophilic or, in other words, oil-type solvents. Thanks to this feature, melatonin, which can reach all parts of the body and is secreted in intense amounts during the person’s sleep in the dark environment, supports the mechanisms of maintaining the vital activities of the metabolism. Melatonin has a positive effect on sleep quality regardless of sleep duration. Follow us for all developments related to women health.

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